Announcing ”The Force”

I know that I had said that there probably wouldn’t be any more Geiko releases but here we go! Surprise! “The Force” is now available exclusively on BandCamp before the official release. You can find the song here: Listen to “The Force” with headphones, as it is very experimental. This song may not be for […]

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Aquamarine review – update

I was so thrilled by this video review of my recent album “Aquamarine”! Thank you, Audible Addixion!😘 The review can be found here: Speaking of oceans, you should check out this article about oceans on extraterrestrial planets. You can find “Aquamarine” on Bandcamp:

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Drawing: View from an ice moon

I wanted to share this little drawing I shared on Instagram earlier. It shows an ice moon orbiting a blue gas giant (like Neptun, Jupiter…) and another small moon in the background. An ice world like this can be found in our own solar system, with Enceladus, a moon orbiting Saturn, which is covered in […]

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