Ámaris Alexandra Wen (also known as “Ámaris”) is a London-based recording artist, actor, and songwriter. As one of only a few female music producers, Ámaris’ skills in combining genres such as neo soul, R&B, and electronic have defined her music as being genre-defying.


Being a woman in the music industry, inspiration – Interview with Indie Artist Buzz

Ámaris talks about being a woman in the music industry, about inspiration, and about her favourite artists with Indie Artist Buzz.

Dream World available now

Dream World is now available on Spotify, YouTube, and many more! Buy the songs as downloads now in the Silvermaranth Shop and support the oceans!

Talking about inspiration, favourite tracks from Dream World, and Writer’s block with The Crush

Ámaris was talking about inspiration, her favourite tracks from the album Dream World, and Writer’s block with The Crush.

Ámaris Wen at the Rahmenhandlung literary festival

Ámaris will be reading stories at the Rahmenhandlung literary festival in Zürich, August 2020.

The making of ‘Too Sad’

Ámaris talks about the making of the ‘Too Sad’ music video while social distancing with Modern Mystery.

Dream World

Listen to Dream World now!



No Signal

Too Sad


Silvermaranth Shop

The Silvermaranth Shop donates $ 1 for every purchase made towards the protection of the oceans. Shop ‘Dream World’ or our t-shirts and help me protect the oceans!

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