Can art help fighting pollution?

As artists, we entertain people. You work for people, not for yourself. During one of my first interviews, when I was about 18, I told the journalist that I wasn’t doing art just “for me”, but that I thought that it was something that you do for people. You do it to inspire people, to […]

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26 Disillusioned

I’m proud to share that “26” is about to be released. This is my 5th album, and obviously, I recorded it with 26. The theme of the album is “disillusioned”, and the inspiration for the record includes everything from districts in London to jelly babies fighting for equality and humanity. Below, I will give an […]

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Writing yarn 2: World Building

As many of you know, I recently published my new novel, “The Chariots of Orion 2: The Contract”, the sequel to “The Chariots of Orion 1”. I sometimes get asked by people how I did the world building behind the story, and behind the book, so I wanted to make a little post about how […]

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Announcing ”The Force”

I know that I had said that there probably wouldn’t be any more Geiko releases but here we go! Surprise! “The Force” is now available exclusively on BandCamp before the official release. You can find the song here: Listen to “The Force” with headphones, as it is very experimental. This song may not be for […]

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Aquamarine review – update

I was so thrilled by this video review of my recent album “Aquamarine”! Thank you, Audible Addixion!😘 The review can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/AmWenceslas/activity_feed/?type=mention&ref=notif&target_story=S%3A_I1075181792520823%3AVK%3A551207065282727&notif_id=1536715277412515&notif_t=page_tag Speaking of oceans, you should check out this article about oceans on extraterrestrial planets. You can find “Aquamarine” on Bandcamp: https://amariswenceslas.bandcamp.com/

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