Ámaris Wen is a London-based recording artist, actor, and writer. She is known for songs such as ‘Dream World’ or ‘Time Traveler’.


‘Visionary’ out now

Visionary is now available on Spotify, YouTube, and many more.

Ámaris talks about ‘Been Doing This’

Ámaris talks about ‘Been Doing This’, music production, and how to become a producer.

Ámaris talks about Endless Possibilities, the 90s, and her favourite artists

Ámaris talks about her favourite tracks, and her recent release Endless Possibilities with Independent Artist Buzz.

4 questions for Ámaris with Swonet On Stage

Ámaris talks with Swonet On Stage about ‘Lagoona – a journey through the reef’, music videos, and career.

Talking about inspiration, favourite tracks from Dream World, and Writer’s block

Ámaris was talking about inspiration, her favourite tracks from the album Dream World, and Writer’s block with The Crush.

Being a woman in the music industry, inspiration – Interview with Indie Artist Buzz

Ámaris talks about being a woman in the music industry, about inspiration, and about her favourite artists with Indie Artist Buzz.


‘Visionary’ out now!

Been Doing This

‘Been Doing This’ out now!

Lagoona: A Journey through the Reef

Out now on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and many more!


Dream World

No Signal



Dream World

Dream World out now!

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