The Chariots of Orion series

The Chariots of Orion 2, The Contract is available now!

The Chariots of Orion 2: The Contract


The Green Planet comes nearer, and with it schemes and war. Alanna is hiding from the guards of the king, Mermelle is struggling to find a way to fight her manipulative brother Lyxéto, and the planet faces an attack that will be the start of a war between the civilisations of Orion. And in the middle of an upcoming war, Alexandros Glykos discovers that the war could actually be conjured by a power more perilous than the approaching enemy.


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The Chariots of Orion 1: The Request


Ever wondered what would happen if aliens had visited the Earth in the past, and you could travel to their planet?

When an extraterrestrial emerges at her front door, the pragmatic Alanna has to put aside her animosity towards everything “weird” and “nerdy”, and face all sorts of things she had never thought could exist. Like flying to an alien planet. Or being hunted by UFOs. Or dealing with an extraterrestrial king who believes to recognize his former queen in her.

The nation of Iphael is one of the most ancient civilisations in the galaxy. But their realm is threatened by other ancient civilisations; those with which they had battled for the dominance on the Earth millions of years ago. As Alanna and Cinnamon dive deeper into the proof of visitors in the past, they are being pulled into a war for the dominance of the galaxy.

Genre: Science Fiction

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