Aquatropolis – The futuristic city

The city of Aquatropolis is the New York of the planet, the London of the confederation, the most powerful city of the Realm.

The one that rules Aquatropolis rules the planet of Osiris B-1, and every planet within its grasp.

While every force in the Realm schemes for their opportunity to take control over the monster of a city that could give them unfathomable power, the ways of three humans meet, their fates intertwined by the “water-town”, seeking their part in the emerging war for the predominance of Aquatropolis.

The futuristic city – by Ámaris Wen

I love cities. I am fascinated by the way cities evolve.

Some of my favourite books are about cities. One of the central inspirations for this story was Morus‘ „Utopia“, and the question whether such a city could be possible in the future. And if yes, what it would look like.

Guessing what the world will look like in the future is a central influence for science fiction, and I am positive that the more realistic the worlds in those stories are, the more intriguing they become.

„Aquatropolis“ is a futuristic city with a billion citizens, on a planet called Osiris B-1, a thousand light-years away from the Earth.

Why on an extraterrestrial planet? Because I thought that some kind of distance between the story and the Earth allowed me to concentrate on being creative, and on the story of the city, without having to compare to the appearance and development of actual urban centres on the Earth, that it doesn’t matter where the city is located. I felt that this would allow me to be more creative with the appearance of the city and its story.

Why a science fiction book? I started to seriously work on “Aquatropolis” with 23, and worked more than 3 years on it. I had lived with fatigue because of thyroid problems for 23 years. And although I started to work as an actress with 19, and started to make music even earlier, the fatigue always pulled me back. You cannot treat it, all you can do is to rely on medication to give you the energy that you would not experience otherwise. I guess that is what made me want to do more than “only” being a musician. And maybe that is another reason why I’m so into progress—without it, I would probably not be able to do what I do.

„Aquatropolis“ will be published this month.

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What the “Chariots of Orion” is about and why I started to write sci-fi

The Request – The Chariots of Orion 1 is my first sci-fi novel to be published! But why does a producer and singer start to write sci-fi?

First, I’ve always loved astronomy and science fiction. When I was little, my dream was to become an astronomer. We know that this didn’t work out. But that didn’t stop me from loving astronomy. Maybe it was because of this fervour that I wanted to create a novel about what could happen if we met an intelligent, highly advanced civilisation from outer space.

The world of my book and its countries I’d say were built on logic, rather than only fantasy. I wanted to create a completely fictional, but still realistic – somewhat believable – world for my extraterrestrial civilisation. As much as I love H.P. Lovecraft and especially the Cthulu series, I wanted to create extraterrestrials that were similar to us, not monsters with tentacles. Don’t get this wrong, I love stories with monsters with tentacles, but I thought that the message of the book, “what would happen if we met a highly advanced civilisation from outer space? What if they would attack us?” would be easier to limn when the civilisation is physically similar to us, because they’re looking similar like us, but don’t function like us.

But then, I wouldn’t dare to claim that my kind of civilisation is realistic… Who knows what aliens might look like? They might actually have tentacles, like in “Arrival”, and be terribly advanced, too. And who knows if they would be friendly inclined?