Lyrics – Deep Into Space

Deep Into Space (Neon Colours, 2017)

Written & produced by Ámaris Wenceslas

Billions of miles away

You’re still all over my head

And you’re maybe listening to this song right now

I didn’t have a chance than to let you go into space

But it hurt to watch you leave

Once you run off, where’re you gonna head? Will you think of me,

deep into space?

You stretch out your hand

But I pull (mine) away

I’ve kept running behind you

But you kept running from me

In a small town in Nebraska

Running from storms on the sea

In the lonely fields of Nazca

Will you think of me?


I won’t try to find you

Gotta let you run


Deep into space, go


I won’t try to find you

Gotta let you go, gotta let you go

Gotta let you go

Deep into space

Gotta let you run, over the tops of the hills,

Where you wanna go

Maybe you thought you’d burn your fingers if it’s going down


Ain’t got no choice than to wait til you hear my call

Oh, Deep into space



Baby, I need your body

Baby, I need your body

Baby, I come here, with me

Deep into space


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