Dream World

Listen to Dream World – help the oceans

‘Listen to Dream World and help me save the oceans. When you download Dream World, part of the profits will be donated towards organizations fighting for the protection of the oceans. The oceans are very important to me, but I can’t save them alone. Together, we can save the oceans and help the planet! As an artist, I’ve realised that I can use what I do – my work – to help the oceans. Dream World is about letting go, about looking forward, about creating your Dream World.’

How does this work?

Download Dream World as high quality 24bit downloads for only $ 10 and a part of the profits will be donated towards an organisation dedicated to save the oceans. Even when you listen on Spotify, and share this on social media, you can still support us! Tag on Instagram, and I will share your post or story!

The downloads include the exclusive digital booklet.

Press quotes

“The album is a wonderful blend of soul and R&B structures, draped in dream-pop textures and far-flung futuristic electronica.” – Dancing about Architecture

“Fascinating combo of R&B, neo-soul, pop, and electronica (…) In the past, Ámaris has been compared to a Halsey-like mix of electronica and pop, but Dream World adds a new dimension to her sound.” – independentartistbuzz.com

“In Dream World, Ámaris skillfully incorporates these genres into a cohesive album that can be described as, well, dreamy. Each track contributes a unique flavor all while consistently maintaining an electronic, soulful underlying tone.” – musicexistence.com


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