Supernova – a short film about disillusion (part 1)

Dr Moone has worked hard for her job as a scientist. She even moved to Atacama, where she is working together with scientists at an observatory to discover a new planet.

Only Jim, her boyfriend, doesn’t like the idea of her staying in Atacama for months and tries to convince her that her search for the planet does have nothing to do with “reality”.

Moone, realizing that Jim apparently was never interested in her job, decides that her job is too important to her, and that she can’t return to London with him in a moment of disillusion.

Visit part 1 of the film here:

The film was inspired by the song “Supernova“, which is about emotions that can heat until they burst and turn into a “supernova”. Moone being disenchanted when she discovers that Jim doesn’t approve of her job as a scientist fits into the topic of the album “26”, which is about disillusion, which is why I recorded a new version of “Supernova” for the album and for the final version of the short film.

Director: Andy Bin Quan

Producer: Andy Bin Quan, Amaris Wen

Starring: Flamur Blakaj (Jim), Amaris Wen (Dr Moone)