Acting CV

(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov


Playing age: 17-27

Nationality: Swiss (Ethnicity: Dutch/Swiss/Middle Eastern/Pacific)

Languages / Accents:

English (general), American English (general), German (general, Hessen, Swiss accent), Swiss German (Zurich, general), Dutch (general / North)

Capable of mimicking “bad” Swiss / German / French accents in English

Not fluent but capable to speak: Mandarin, Spanish

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 48-50 kg

Body type: Slim

Appearance: European / mixed

Hair colour: White blonde/ light blonde (dark roots)

Eye colour: Brown

Vocal range: Contralto/mezzo-soprano (capable of reaching most of soprano)

Skills: Singing, acting, performing, classical singing, dancing (Jazz Dance, Ballet, Modern, Musical)

Horse riding, shooting, swimming, swords, writer/editor (only English), Chess

(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov

(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov


1.2013-7.2013 Training at Stage & Musical School, Frankfurt a. M. (Drama School)

2010-2012 Training at Acting School Vera Forster, Zurich (Acting School)

approx. 2010-2014 Training in classical singing by Isabel Kempinski, Zurich

approx. from 2005 Training in classical singing



2019 – Dr. Moone in “Supernova” (short film). Directed by Andy Quan

Theatre (only relevant):

2014 Jake’s Women by Neil Simon, Theatre WIWA, (Edith), Switzerland

2013 Amber Hall by Lars Lienen, Theatre WIWA, (Emily), Switzerland

2012 The last of the red hot Lovers by Neil Simon, Theatre WIWA, Switzerland, (Elaine Navazio)

2011 An Eye for an Eye by Wolfgang Binder, Theatre WIWA, (Alexandra), Switzerland

Music & music video credits (only relevant):

Ámaris – 26, album, 5. 2019

Geiko- The Force, single, 2. 2019

Ámaris – Aquamarine, album, 6. 2018

(Production, vocal production, voice)

Ámaris – London Lights, single, 2018

(Production, vocal production, voice)

Ámaris – Neon Colors, album, 11. 2017

(Production, vocal production, voice)

Geiko – The Hollow, album, 11. 2017

(Production, vocal production, voice)

Geiko – Curtains Up, single, 2015

(Production, voice)

Geiko – Cutana, music video, 2016

(Performance, production)

Geiko – Eagle, single, 2015

(Production, vocal production, voice)

Geiko – The Updraft Imperative: One Life (Geiko Remix), 2015


Geiko – Aggressive, album, 2014 (first online available album)

(Production, voice)

Extraterrestrial Music, album, 2013


See you on Sunday, album, 2013

We don’t know, single, 2005