Acting CV

Ámaris Wen

(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov


Height: 5’4“ (167 cm)           Hair: white-blonde (dark roots)

Weight: 105 lb (48-50 kg)     Eyes: brown



Supernova – The movie                    Lead                           Andy Quan

Jelly – The Jelly Baby Video             Producer                    Á. Wen, R. Feng

Cutana (music video)                         Lead                           Thomas Gasser


THEATRE (selection)

Jake’s Women                                    Supporting                M. Willi

Amber Hall                                         Lead                           M. Willi

The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers     Lead                           M. Willi

An Eye For An Eye                             Lead                           M. Willi


VOICE, SINGING (selection)

26 (album)                                         Singer, songwriter       Ámaris Wen

The Force (single)                             Songwriter                    Ámaris Wen

Aquamarine (album)                       Singer, songwriter       Ámaris Wen

London Lights (single)                     Singer, songwriter       Ámaris Wen

Neon Colors (album)                        Singer, songwriter       Ámaris Wen

The Hollow (album)                          Singer, songwriter       Ámaris Wen

One Life (The Updraft Imperative)     Remix                         Ámaris Wen

Extra-terrestrial Music                         Producer                     Ámaris Wen    



DRAMA – Stage & Musical School

DANCE – Stage & Musical School

ACTING – Stage & Musical School, Acting School V. Forster

IMPROVISATION – Stage & Musical School, Acting School V. Forster




Acting, drama

Improvisation – short and long form

Singing – Mezzo-soprano, alto, musical theatre, pop, R’n’B

Dance – Jazz Dance, basic Ballet, Modern, Tap

Languages – English, German, Dutch

Accents – General American, General British, Swiss, French, & German accents

Sports – Tennis, Horse riding, Swimming

Misc. Skills – Chess, modeling, songwriting, writing, shooting


(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov

(C) Headshots by Kirill Kozlov

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