Amaris Wen (author name Amaris Wenceslas) is a Dutch-Swiss-New Guinean science fiction author, producer, and actress.

Ámaris started producing whilst she was at drama school, when she started to listen to electronic music for her dancing studies. She’s released 3 albums as Ámaris and used to be the producer behind the EDM project Geiko, the first album of which was released in 2014. In 2017, Ámaris released two albums simultaneously: The Hollow, a new Geiko album, and Neon Colors, her first step into a new genre. Her fourth album ‘Aquamarine’ was released in June 2018. She honoured “Geiko” by releasing “The Force” at the beginning of 2019, and by releasing a remastered version of her 2017 song “Supernova” in her upcoming album “26”.

Besides producing music, she writes science fiction and dedicates herself to world building, having released “The Chariots of Orion – The Request” in 2017, with the sequel ‘The Chariots of Orion 2 – The Contract’ having been released in early 2019, and a website full of information about her fictional planet where readers can actually help growing the site.

“Supernova” was made a short film in 2019.

Amaris is an ambassador for the non-profit organization Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, which fights to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

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