Ámaris Alexandra Wen (also known as “Ámaris”) is a London-based recording artist, music producer, actor, and songwriter.

Ámaris attended drama school, where she started to listen to electronic music for her dance studies, which made her discover the genre for herself. She then started the dance floor project “Geiko– female electronic dance music”, the first album of which was released in 2014. She worked as a playlist manager for Sony Music before moving away from EDM and working on her first more R&B and dreampop-influenced album “Neon Colours”.

As one of only a few female music producers, Ámaris’ skills in combining genres such as neo soul, R&B, and electronic have defined her music as being genre-defying. ‘Creativity is my fuel,’ says Ámaris, ‘I can rely on it. I’d say that this is probably my actual skill.’

Outlets such as youredm.com have said about her music that “her vocals are definitely in the R&B and nu soul wheelhouse, but the unconventional structure really takes them somewhere else, closer to EDM or ambient electronica.”

Ámaris Wen grew up as the daughter of a music professor and a teacher, with family in and from the Netherlands, New Zealand, England, Switzerland, and New Guinea.

The “multi-talented”- labelled artist recently appeared in the short film “Supernova”. Her album Dream World was released in June 2020.

Ámaris is very vocal on the protection of the oceans, and is an ambassador for the non-profit organization Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, which works to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

Full discography here

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