Ámaris Alexandra Wen (also known as “Amaris Wenceslas”, “Ámaris”) is a Dutch-Swiss-New Guinean actress, model, and (formerly full time) singer-songwriter.

Having grown up as the daughter of a music professor and a teacher, Ámaris went to drama school, where she started to listen to electronic music for her dance studies. She then started the dance floor project “Geiko- female electronic dance music”, the first album of which was released in 2014, which was well received by critics. This was followed by 4 more albums, with “Neon Colours” and “Aquamarine” being less influenced by her former work. Her most recent album “26” was released in May 2019.

The “multi-talented”- labelled artist has recently started to get back into acting, and to explore her passion for writing and futuristic science fiction.

“Supernova” was made a short film in 2019.

Ámaris is ambassador for the non-profit organization Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, which fights to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

Full discography here