‘Lagoona’ – protect the coral reefs!

‘Lagoona – a journey through the reef’ is a children’s tale that shows in an entertaining way how important the coral reefs and the oceans are, and will be featured at this year’s Rahmenhandlung literary festival in Zurich. As an ocean activist, I have been working to raise awareness about how important our reefs are, and that we need to protect them.

Drawing by Ámaris Wen

A German version of ‘Lagoona’ will be featured at this year’s upcoming Rahmenhandlung literary festival in Zurich. Both versions (original in English and German) will be available for download on this page next week.

  ‘They say that in the west, the corals have all disappeared,’ said the boy. ‘My father has sailed there sometimes. They say that the corals festered, and where they used to be only foul, red seaweed grows, and turns the Sea red.’

  ‘We eat corals,’ said Lagoona. ‘I can’t imagine a land where no corals are growing at all.’

  ‘We do not eat corals, so I don’t care that much,’ said the boy. ‘But we eat fish, and the fish have grown fewer since the corals have started to fade. And our islands are being flooded more recently now that the corals have become sparse.’

from ‘Lagoona – a journey through the reef’ by Ámaris Wen

Are you concerned about plastic waste in our oceans and would like to help? Consider visiting Big Blue Ocean Clean-up, a non-profit organisation working to reduce plastic waste in the oceans.

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