World Oceans Day 2021

Happy World Oceans Day 2021! For this year’s World Oceans Day, I’ve been doing something different. Some of you might remember the collection of NPOs and platforms I did last year; this year, I wanted to do something where you actually can join.

The Ocean Songs playlist on Spotify is a collection of ocean and beach themed songs that I’m working on, and I’m looking for songs for this playlist, so send me your Spotify links!

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions, I’m still working on it! You can suggest songs for this playlist by sending Spotify links to: or by DM. Please follow the playlist and listen to it to see what sort of songs might fit. Genres that are accepted are pop, R&B, future bass, neo-soul, soul, indie, and others. The songs don’t have to be new to be accepted in this playlist.

Happy World Oceans Day!

2 thoughts on “World Oceans Day 2021

  1. I especially love the song “Beach love” 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!❤️

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