Stardust – music video



“Stardust” premieres not as a song on a streaming platform, but as a video! It is unlisted, so everyone reading this blog will be the first to see it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

„This is a music video that is not supposed to look like a music video. It looks self-made so that you feel like you’re watching a Skype video message with music in the background as opposed to a professional looking music video. Stardust is about recovery, about accepting that you have to move forward, that you have to stay away from and leave things alone that don’t serve you anymore, that you have to embrace positivity instead of stressing over things that you knew that they would not work out.“ – Ámaris

Be the first to watch it here

“Stardust” will be available on streaming platforms as of the 17th of April!

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