Can art help fighting pollution?

As artists, we entertain people. You work for people, not for yourself. During one of my first interviews, when I was about 18, I told the journalist that I wasn’t doing art just “for me”, but that I thought that it was something that you do for people. You do it to inspire people, to entertain people, and to cheer them up when they have a bad day.

The reefs that once inspired me to write my first story have started fading. The sea is being polluted, and climate change will not cease with us standing by.

I am not only talking about animals such as whales that are being washed up on beaches, their stomachs bursting with our garbage, or seals eating a plastic bag because they took it for a tasty jellyfish. Scientists have stated that seafood now could actually become a threat to us, as carcinogenic substances such as bisphenol A (which can leach out of bottles and cans) can settle in the bodies of fish- and therefore end up in our stomachs.

I think that equality, environment, pollution, and climate change should be important to all of us, because we as a species are living and dependent on this planet.

When I work on crafting the fictional world for the “Chariots of Orion” books, I am always reminded of how many innumerable, small things are part of a world, of a civilization, and how hard it would be to rebuild a whole world.

We currently do not have another planet.

The non-profit organisation Big Blue Ocean Cleanup-up is doing their part by helping fight pollution in the sea, by cleaning our beaches. It is important in freeing the sea from all the plastic, the waste that has formed entire islands in the oceans (“Great Pacific Garbage Patch”). This is why I have decided to support them, and to help raising awareness for the amazing work they are doing.

As a non-profit organisation that are only interested in doing what they can to help stopping pollution, they are dependent on donations and support, which is why I will from today give 1 pound / dollar for every sold copy of my book “The Request” to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup organisation.

There are already successes around the whole planet where plastic bags and straws are being banned, and were people are trying to produce less waste by raising awareness. There are even attempts to finally clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. We can still make a change for our oceans- and our environment.

This isn’t a self-promote post. I don’t claim that my book is any better than the books of other authors. It is an artwork, and art, as we know, is subject to preference and taste. But if I can use this book to do something for the planet, for the environment – for the sea that inspired me – even, if it is a small part, it would make it a successful project, and would give it purpose.

If you can use your art to help fighting pollution, then everyone can profit from it, despite taste and preference.

Get your copy to donate here

Thank you🙏💝


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