Announcing: The Abyss. The Orb 1

I’m glad to announce that The Abyss, The Orb 1 will be published soon and you can already preorder it.

The book follows a waterwitch through the ocean, trying to save the reef by fulfilling a perilous task.

I started writing the book when I was 11 (no typo), and was inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and its marvellous underwater world. I am Dutch, and spent a lot of my childhood at beaches in the Netherlands, and so the oceans have always been special for me.

Now, we are facing problems like waste in the ocean, global warming with rising sea levels, and reefs vanishing. I would have never thought that when finishing this book, a big part of the reef that had inspired me would have vanished due to global warming, and it is heartbreaking.

But it is not the only problem our oceans have. The world’s largest garbage dump is in the ocean. Animals get caught in waste that swims in and on the water. Plastic ends up on beaches and harms the environment.

This is why this book will support the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup non-profit organisation, for which I am a proud ambassador, to help the oceans and its inhabitants. The non-profit organisation helps cleaning beaches, to prevent more waste from ending up in our oceans.

We depend on the oceans, and we ought to think before we use a straw, or buy a plastic bag, because it is not only our planet.

Together, we can protect our oceans.

Follow Big Blue Ocean Cleanup on Instagram

The cover of “The Orb” was created by the amazing Marlene Kern Design, Creative Agency Munich

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