What the “Chariots of Orion” is about and why I started to write sci-fi

The Request – The Chariots of Orion 1 is my first sci-fi novel to be published! But why does a producer and singer start to write sci-fi?

First, I’ve always loved astronomy and science fiction. When I was little, my dream was to become an astronomer. We know that this didn’t work out. But that didn’t stop me from loving astronomy. Maybe it was because of this fervour that I wanted to create a novel about what could happen if we met an intelligent, highly advanced civilisation from outer space.

The world of my book and its countries I’d say were built on logic, rather than only fantasy. I wanted to create a completely fictional, but still realistic – somewhat believable – world for my extraterrestrial civilisation. As much as I love H.P. Lovecraft and especially the Cthulu series, I wanted to create extraterrestrials that were similar to us, not monsters with tentacles. Don’t get this wrong, I love stories with monsters with tentacles, but I thought that the message of the book, “what would happen if we met a highly advanced civilisation from outer space? What if they would attack us?” would be easier to limn when the civilisation is physically similar to us, because they’re looking similar like us, but don’t function like us.

But then, I wouldn’t dare to claim that my kind of civilisation is realistic… Who knows what aliens might look like? They might actually have tentacles, like in “Arrival”, and be terribly advanced, too. And who knows if they would be friendly inclined?

9 thoughts on “What the “Chariots of Orion” is about and why I started to write sci-fi

  1. Hi there Amaris! I’ve just found your blog as I saw you liked one of my posts. It’s great to find a fellow sci fi can and writer. I’ll have to make sure I get your book and see what it’s like 😀


    1. Hiya, happy to connect. Thank you, I’d be thrilled if you’d tell me what you think😄


      1. Of course I will. If you would like I’ll write a post on it. 😀


      2. That’d be amazing😄 You know what, why don’t I give you an e-book for free, and you write about it?


      3. That would be great. I have a fair bit on right now so it might be a few weeks before I get around to it. If you’re ok with that then go for it 😀


      4. Cool😄 Let me know where I can send the e-book and I’ll send it over.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Great, if you look up my site I have a contacts page. If you can’t let me know and I’ll give you my email address 🙂


      6. Great! Thank you 😀😀


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